Pro Staff

Pro Staff
Our Pro Staff is made up of a diverse group of male and female anglers. Some of our Pro Staff include anglers that fish tournaments including the FLW, BFL, Locals, and more. We also have anglers that represent your "regular Joe's" and "regular Jane's" who do not fish large tournaments, but have a passion for the sport and fish all the time. When you combine these two elements, you have a team that can prove a lure works, or we're not going to manufacture it.


Michael Whitlow

Home Town: Richland, WA

When he's not out catching large fish himself, he's busy guiding and setting up fishing trips to places like famous lake El Salto and Brazil. If you've got a bucket list that includes a trip to the Amazon to catch giant peacock bass, or a trip south of the boarder to land 10+ pound largemouth bass, contact Mike.



Mandy Uhrich

Home Town: Brainerd, MN

If it swims, she has chased it from the northern tip of Ontario to the southern tip of Mexico. By day she is a veteran biologist, but her "off" time she spends seven months of the year fishing close to 30 tournaments. When the tournament season ends, she fills her time with co guest hosting on fishing and hunting shows, public speaking about fishing and outdoor education; writing fishing tips, and chasing whatever is in season- open water or ice.


Travis Hook

Home Town: Fort Worth, TX

Travis has served his country, and now he is entering the fishing world full time. When Travis pulls in at the lake for a tournament, everyone knows it will not be a good day for them. He has won several tournaments in Texas, and has even won a Ford F-150.


Callie Shumway

Home Town: Bellefonte, PA

At a young age, Callie has already made a splash in the fishing industry. She is known as the "Smallie Queen", and prefers to fish from her kayak. Her favorite lures to use are the Fatties in watermelon red and green pumpkin/junebug laminate. She also is involved with several fishing magazines, and is Pro Staff for Pink Fishing. Her long term goal is to have her own fishing show on television, and mark our words, that will happen.


Courtney Singer

Home Town: Pleasant Gap, PA

She might have a great smile, but don't let her fool you. When she is on the water, she is destroying every species in the water. Bass, crappie, trout, it doesn't matter, it's on her hook. Courtney is also on the Pink Fishing team.


Sage Walker

Home Town: Pueblo, CO


April Taylor-Foxworth

Home Town: Pensacola, FL


Dustin Thomas

Home Town: Jellico, TN


Frank Terry

Home Town: Lewistown, PA


Dawn Freeland

Home Town: Bailey, MI

Dawn is all about the outdoors and family. She loves fishing, hunting, and camping. She uses several different LLO products for freshwater fishing. She also is the founder of the company Women Fish Too. <))))><


Victoria Knapp

Home Town: Howard City, MI


Damon S. Whorton

Home Town: Holland, OH

While serving in the military as my everyday job, my free time consists of spending time with my family and fishing. I compete in the FLW BFL Michigan Division and i also participate in the NAPRA (National Association of Professional River Anglers) Northwest Elite Series. Also a team member with The Reel American Heroes Foundation giving back to those who served our great nation. Participating in tournaments does not stop me from randomly finding open waters around Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan to fish. My strengths are Smallmouth bass and my baits of choice are Green pumpkin tubes, jerkbaits and jigs.


Crystal Coley

Home Town: Ticonderoga, NY

Crystal is a fish catching machine. She fishes local tournaments and can find the fish, no matter what species. She is also on the Pink Fishing Pro Staff promoting breast cancer awareness and reeling in the cure.


Miranda Eipperle

Home Town: Peosta, IA


Yvette "Eve" Villarini

Home Town: Tampa, FL


Rhonda Phillips

Home Town: Braselton, GA


Casey James

Home Town: Gallatin, TN


Violetta Talley

Home Town: South Elgin, IL


Jason Vande Steeg

Home Town: Hutchinson, MN


Rachel Simpson

Home Town: Bridge Creek, OK


Cher Karbassian

Home Town: Fort Worth, TX


Luke Alexander

Home Town: Gallatin, TN

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