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Our FIELD STAFF position is our entry level program. Its a program that offers product/apparel discount while still offering the opportunity to show promise for promotion. Pro Staff will review the Field Staff periodically to consider the continued eligibility or merit for promotion of Field Staff members. Field Staff members are required to to purchase this kit that will include a T-Shirt, and several baits. This allows an individual to become knowledgeable of the large variety of baits we offer. All FIELD STAFF receive a 20% discount on all purchases. This discount is only allowed to be used by the FIELD STAFF member. The FIELD STAFF member will be given a 10% discount to share with friends, family, etc. This code is specifically used to track new customers and orders you bring into the website. At the end of the day, we are a business, and we expect our FIELD STAFF to represent our company the best they can. As a business, our primary objective is to make money. If you are bringing in new customers regularly, representing the brand in person and on social media, your odds of reaching PRO STAFF greatly increase. If you really want to prove yourself, get with your local tackle shops and have them become a dealer.

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