The soft plastic worms have been the go to bait for anglers around the world for decades. With a large variety of rigging options, styles, and sizes, there is an artificial worm option for everyone. Worms are mostly used for catching smallmouth and largemouth bass, but can be used on smaller species.

Senko style worms are great for those wanting to wacky rig. These stick baits have a unique design and hook slot for easy rigging.

Curl Tail worms were the first ones ever manufactured. The small twist tail at the end gave the bait another way to attract fish.

Finesse style worms give you a different tail style than the standard worms. It allows for multiple rigging options.

The culprit style worm has the largest tail of the soft plastic worm family. These long ribbon tail worms are a kryptonite to largemouth bass.
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