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Mister Twister 3.75" Exude Shrimp

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Rigged on a saltwater jig head or single weedless hook, the ExudeŽ Shrimp mimics an escaping shrimp. A quick popping retrieve provides great tail action, while the undulating legs, make it irresistible to flounder, redfish, snook and speckled trout. ExudeŽ - Drop any ExudeŽ lure in water, pull it out and feel it. It's slimy just like a bait fish. That slime coat is the ExudeŽ process. It's releasing a scent trail in the water. While the ExudeŽ formula is complex, the concept is simple. ExudeŽ lures are made with fish food. That's right fish food. As if making ExudeŽ lures from fish food wasn't enough, Mister TwisterŽ further distinguished ExudeŽ lures by seeing to it they begin releasing this food as soon as the lure enters the water. This scent trail represents a huge breakthrough in fishing tackle technology. In fact, it has defined the next generation of saltwater soft plastic lures.
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