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6" Sassy Shad

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The 6 inch sassy shad bodies are a great lure for striper fishing. They made of a quality tough soft plastic, so they can be used for saltwater or freshwater.

Colors silk/black & clear glitter/blue are discontinued and are old "new" stock and may have fading.

A plastic sassy shad (or swim bait) is a soft plastic fishing lure. Soft plastic sassy shad can carry a variety of shapes, colors and sizes, and are made from a variety of synthetic polymers. Some are even scented to simulate live bait.

Plastic grubs can be rigged on the line many different ways. Some anglers use the larger sassy shad to troll on umbrella jigs. Some anglers will just rig them to a jig and fish that way.

Sassy shad can also be called paddle tails because of their unique tail design that “paddles” when going through the water.

The smaller sassy shad have been around since the 1950’s and 1960’s. Our first shad was created in 1968 by my grandfather, and founder of Lockett Industries, Larry Lockett. Over the course of 45 years, Lockett soft plastic shad have become a premier name in the fishing tackle industry. In the 1990’s Lockett started offering large sassy shad swim baits for saltwater fishing and bigger species of fish. While Lockett products are not offered in big chain stores under the name “Lockett”, they can be found as other big brand names that Lockett molds for. Lockett sassy shad swim baits can be purchased in eight different sizes, and over 50 different colors. Our large variety of sizes and colors give fisherman the shad they need for ice fishing, panfish, crappie, perch, trout, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, sea bass, striper, musky, pike, halibut, and all other species.

We use a special formula for our 4 inch and larger shad that consists of saltwater grade soft plastic that will hold up against the bigger fish bite. When you don’t have to replace your shad bodies after every bite, you save money. All of our sassy shad are offered in bulk packages, and even bulk cases. When you buy sassy shad swim baits from Lockett Lures Outlet, you get a quality product, at a low price.

**Painted Back Cases $20 Extra** *Glow Cases $10 Extra*

**Case purchases are not included on any sales unless noted. Please select "Ground Heavy" when checking out. Actual prices will be charged**
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