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Mr Twister 4" Hawg Frawg

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Mister Twister®'s Hawg Frawg® is "No Ordinary Toad." It's loaded with features. Oversized legs break the surface tension creating added water movement that significantly enhances the top water bite. In addition, all Hawg Frawgs® feature real 3D eyes. Hawg Frawgs® come in a wide variety of colors proven to catch big bass. They can be rigged weedless on a Mister Twister® Keeper™ Hook, or fished on a jig. This lure has been a staple with fishermen for over 30 years. Hawg Frawgs® cast easily with or without weight. These Frawgs were purchased in Bulk directly from Mr. Twister, and repackaged 10 per pack. Compare to $4.86 per 5.
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