500ct Worm Assortment

500ct Worm Assortment
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This is an assortment of 500 worms packaged in 50ct-100ct bags. There will be a variety of worms including 2 inch, 4 inch, and 6 inch in different colors. You won't find a better price.

If you're after a trophy bass, the worm is probably the best type of lure you can use. Many Bass anglers regard plastic worms as the single most effective lure for big bass. Their long, thin profile and lifelike action suggest a wide range of prey. Yet in spite of their ability to catch bass, worms often are misused and misunderstood. They're a "feel" bait that requires some technique on your part.

It takes many hours of trial and error to master the art of fishing with a plastic worm. Those who are good at it develop an uncanny sense of touch and timing and will frequently pull in the biggest bass. As with most styles of fishing, however, practice is the key. The more familiar you become with the worm, the more fish you catch.

They're an eye contact bait meaning the fish must see it to hit it. Therefore they produce best in clear to stained water. Worms are most effective in warm water (above 55 degrees), especially during Summer. But don't be afraid to use them in the dead of winter - you may be pleasantly surprised.

Lockett worms were first manufactured in the 1970ís, and have kept the same design throughout the years. Some anglers say they only have luck on certain colors, and others say they can use any color on any day and catch fish on the Lockett soft plastic worms. Lockett offers worms in 3 different sizes, 2 different styles, and over 20 different colors. Sizes include 4 inch, 6 inch, and 8 inch. Styles include curl tail worms and culprit worms.

If you prefer the senko style worms, our new products for 2013 are called fatties. They are our version of a senko style worm, and are infused with our secret fish catching formula. They can be found under our Fatties section, and are available in four different sizes, and a dozen different proven fish catching colors.